Friday , June 22 2018
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PML-N Gujrat resigns against Shahbaz Sharif attitude

Lahore: Although Nawaz Sharif is again taking keen interst to organize party but cracks in PML-N are becoming more visible as his close and old friends are leaving him one by one. This time the whole party leadership of district Gujrat have resigned in protest against Chief Minister Punjab attitude towards workers.

The party president have met the whole body of district Gujrat and asked them to take back their resignation but they refused to end their protest and insisted that they will not take back their resignation.The local leaders were of the view that Shahbaz Sharif is depending on the bureaucracy and the leaders of the forward block.If loyalty and commitment does not have any worth in the eyes of the worthy chief minister than they have no right to remain in the party any more.

Nawaz Sharif have assured the workers that he will resolve all their issues after his return from Saudi Arabia where he is going for performing Ummra .

After Zulifqar Khosa and DG Khan party office bearers resign,it is an other big crack in PML-N that has upset the party president Mian Nawaz Sharif

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