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Lahorites have become sick of Zalim-e- Aala:Tallat Naqvi

Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf women wing leaders in a meeting held today stated the Khadim e Alla has once again set up a committee to see how the drainage system of the city can be improved. “This only proves that yet again the government will look busy doing nothing,” said Talath Naqvi.

“The Punjab government had declared over a month ago that they would have the monsoon problems well under control this year. The PML-N had set up committees around June to manage the hazards following the rains in Lahore. Pictures of their political leaders leading clean up operations were seen splashed in the media, and promises of how Lahore’s administration would come up to the high expectations of the people were made. Contrary to the promises, now that the Monsoons have begun, we are seeing the same old problems return” she said.

“Drains are clogged so water is spilling into homes and shops and is standing stagnant on roads, empty plots and parks, a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And the Monsoons have only just begun. The mismanagement of the government departments is all too obvious, while the misery of the people remains as it was last year,” said Maliha Husain

“What is pathetic is that once again the Chief Minister has ordered yet another committee to be set up. The people of Lahore have been repeatedly victims of false promises of the PML-N and this trend remains unchanged” stated Ayesha Khalid

Present on the occasion were Shahnaz Perveen, Anila Malik, Waeema Bhatti, Anila Baig, Rashida, Farhat Farooq,Nasim Zehra and others.

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