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A Hero sacrifice his life while saving a child

Lahore: Pakistan Railways Police Constable lost his life in a chivalric act of saving a child who was about to be crushed by a train.

As per details 33 Up Super Express train was crossing Landhi railway station when suddenly a child jumped on the track of the train. Railways Police constable Suhail Mehmood who was deputed on duty at that time observed the child had fallen on the railway track. He saved the child by a heroic act but could not get himself out of the way of the train and resultantly laid his life.

Inspector General Pakistan Railways Police Syed Ibne Hussain termed the sacrifice of the constable Suhail Mehmood a pride for the department. He also consoled the family of the deceased and assured them that his sacrifice will never be forgotten by Pakistan Railways Police and department will lend every possible help to them.

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