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Sardar Dosat Muhammad lashes out Hamza Shahbaz after quitting the PML-N

Lahore: former Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Dosat Muhammad Khosa has alleged that he was being involved in his ex-wife Sapna murder scandal only to defuse the sex scandal of Hamza Shahbaz, he was talking to a crowded press conference at his residence in Defence Lahore.

Sardar Dosat Muhammad said that when party has no value for loyalty than there is no use to remain with him, so he is announcing to quit the basic membership of PML-N. Now his family and the PML-N have two different ways. His father Sardar Zulifqar Khosa as a head of the Khosa family will decide the political future.

Sardar Dosat Muhammad said his ministry was taken back after involvement in a false case but why not the Chief Minister took action on the appeal of a lady Ayesha Ahad who was being tortured in police station, attacked by armed persons in model town and seeking justice since long. He said the most eligible and able CM has twenty ministries, wasn’t there twenty able men in PML-N who could run these ministries?

The CM Shahbaz has put in trouble every man in the province by his “toppy dramas” of tent office, Ramzan bazaars and protest against loadshedding. Why not he sees the atrocities of his corrupt son and takes action?

Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza are true copy of each other. The only respectable man in the party is the party president Mian Nawaz Sharif who has regard for others and we respect him alot.But it seems he has become helpless due to his brother and nephew.

He said we were the people who did not left the party despite great pressure from General Musharraf after military coup. It was the time when most of the near dears of Mian Nawaz Sharif had left him and filed mercy petition to General Musharraf. We were the people who lived the party after Sharif family exile. We could not dependent on those who had left the party in Musharraf era.

It was the CM close aides who were backing up the applicant against me and Punjab information department was ensuring coverage of this scandal.

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