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Imran bounces Nawaz sharif on second day too

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has accused PML-N chief of defaulting on bank loans worth Rs6 billion rupees.
“Mian Nawaz Sharif borrowed this money and never returned it back” , he alleged in a press conference here in Islamabad.
Imran Khan challenged Main Nawaz Sharif to have a debate with him at any forum and asked him to answer his 11 questions to the nation.After giving details of his own assets to the media Imran Khan asked Mian Nawaz Sharif to explain certain facts.
1. Raymond Baker, an international renowned author, wrote in his book that Nawaz Sharif did corruption worth $417 million. The book says that Nawaz Sharif took a commission of $160 million from Daewoo for the motorway which was recently made. If Baker had made a false allegation, then why did you not initiate a case against him?

2. You bought four apartments in Mayfair worth more than Rs1 billion. Now their value has gone up to Rs4.5 billion. Where did you get the money from?

3. In 1994, you stated your income as Rs150,000 and you gave a tax of Rs14,000. If this is your income, then how did you buy a property in Mayfair?

4. You took a loan from Al Taufiq Bank worth $30 million and then you defaulted it. They took you to court and attached your property. From where did you get the money to pay back those $30 million?

5. Ishaq Dar gave an affidavit saying that Nawaz Sharif did money laundering by opening a fictitious account by the name of Qazi family in London. The BBC did a film on that too.

6. You took a loan worth Rs6 billion from Pakistani banks and you had them defaulted. Did you return back the loan?

7. You have a 1,700 acre land in Raiwind. Where did you get the money from to buy that land?
8. Where did the people’s tax money go? How much of the tax money was put into Raiwind?

9. Your whole family has properties in London. You want to do government in Pakistan but your children’s properties are lying abroad. You should own it like I owned it right now.

10. You planted a steel mill in Jeddah of $150 million. Your tax return does not show that you have enough income to plant a mill.

11. You froze your foreign accounts in 1998, but tell us, how much money did you transfer abroad the night before?

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