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Country wide protest contiues against outages

Lahore:Massive power outages continue across the country forcing people to protest against the government.Presidential orders seems to be ineffictive when it comes to tackling the unscheduled electricity loadshedding amid scorching July.

It’s a an every day matter in the energy starved country where irked masses take to the streets to shout anti-government slogans and vent their anger by burning tyres, vandalizing public property and attacking power grid stations.

President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday summoned an emergency meeting to discuss the overall situation regarding power crisis and directed the relevant ministries and departments to make coordinated efforts for ending the unscheduled electricity and gas loadshedding in the country.

However on Tuesday, angry protestors in Lahore burnt LESCO office in Samanabad and shouts slogans against Govt,On Mader-i-millit road CM punjab led the protest against loadshedding .Shahbaz Sharif himself raised slogan against federal govy discriminatorypolcy towards Punjab.
In Lakki Marwat burnt tyres and blocked main Bannu-Mianwali road. Dozens of protestors attacked Wapda office and set fire to the office record.Later, police arrived at the scene and resorted to teargas shelling to disperse the protestors.
In Attock, citizens protested against government on Burhan Road and blocked the main road.
A large number of protestors gathered outside Phularwan police station in Sargodha and demanded release of the demonstrators arrested during protests.

According to details, urban areas are facing ten hours of power cuts and 16 hours of electricity load shedding is being carried out in rural areas.

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