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Sharif Brothers didn’t appear in the NAB Court

Rawalpindi:A National Accountability Bureau (NAB) court on Saturday resumed hearing into a case pertaining to reopening of NAB references against PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.
Giving arguments before the court, Akarm Sheikh, the counsel of Sharif brothers said re-opening of cases against Sharif brothers after a hiatus of 10 years is based on dishonesty and part of campaign of political victimization.
Akram Sheikh submitted that the NAB can only request for the case; but, notices cannot be issued, as there is stay order by the Lahore High Court on Sharifs’ plea. The NAB court should adjourn the hearing for indefinite period, he stressed. He also gave argument over his summoning in the court and sought NAB’s apology over it.
The prosecutor of NAB said it is the right of the Bureau to request for the reopening of the cases against Sharif family. He said references against Sharif brothers were not withdrawn but only adjourned.
NAB’s lawyer said they would not make apologies as the summons were issued by the court and not by the NAB.
Akram Sheikh argued the NAB prayed to close these cases in 2002 but now, they have remembered after 10 years to prosecute these cases again. He said the cases were used first by General Musharraf and then by President Zardari for political victimization of Sharif family.
Judge of Accountability Court Abdul Haq queried if Ishaq Dar was an approver against Sharif family in Hudebia Paper Mills reference. However, Akram Sheikh said he has no knowledge of the same.
The court issued notices to Sharif brothers and adjourned the hearing till September 15.

It is worth mentioning here that Sharif Brothers posed themselves a champion of free judiciary and always demand the government to act upon the court orders but they did not appear in the court despite receiving summons in Hudebia Papers and Itefaq Foundary cases.Mind it former Prime Minister Yosaf Raza Gillani and his sons always appeared in the court whenever they were summoned to appear in the court.

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