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Govt to go all out to control prices in Ramzan Bazars

A spokesman of Industries Department Punjab has said that Price Control Magistrates conducted 1732 raids in Ramzan Bazaars and open market for ensuring edible items to the citizens on fixed rates during the holy month of Ramzan. The magistrates arrested 41 shopkeepers on overcharging and got registered cases against them in the concerned police stations besides a fine of Rs. 1265450 was also imposed. 1312 magistrates have been appointed for the checking of daily use items, he added.

According to the spokesman, 1442 free Dasterkhawans have also been set up throughout the province. As many as 181873 males and females benefited from free Dasterkhawans on 7th Ramzan including 28625 women and 153258 men, he added. He further informed that 146489 flour bags were supplied to Ramzan Bazaars on 7th Ramzan out of which 104845 bags were sold. 6390 ton wheat was released to the flour mills for open market and the flour mills supplied 38331 ten kg flour bags and 167991 twenty kg flour bags in open market.

The spokesman further informed that potatoes were sold for Rs. 21 per kg at fair price shops as compared to Rs. 25 per kg in open market. Similarly, onions were sold for Rs. 24 per kg, ladyfinger for Rs. 30, pumpkin for Rs. 21, dates for Rs. 151, gram pulse for Rs. 80, basin for Rs. 82 and rice for Rs. 87 per kg., while bananas were sold for Rs. 93 per dozen.

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