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TPF demands Governor’s Rule in Balochistan

Lahore:The Punjab Forum on Thursday said the Supreme Court ruling regarding complete constitutional breakdown in the province of Balochistan should be taken seriously by the Government. Situation in the volatile province can only be normalised by initiating a massive military operation after imposing Governor’s Rule, it said.

The civilian government and administrative machinery has failed to deliver which calls for decisive action, said Baig Raj, President, Punjab Forum.He said that provincial government has failed to control crimes like target killings, extortion and kidnapping for ransom due to lack of capacity and will.

Similarly, FC can maintain law and order in the province to some extent but its presence is no substitute to a full-fledged military operation against terrorists backed by powerful nations.

He said that businesses, schools, government offices and even courts in Balochistan are working due to protection provided by the FC. Baluchistan is still part of Pakistan due to the sacrifices offered by the FC and ISI, he added.

We need to encourage FC and ISI which is battling terrorists and laying down lives to defend Pakistan and Pakistanis, he said adding that agencies are fighting our war and demoralising last line of defence is unwise.

Baig Raj said that it appears that everyone is looking at situation from the angel preferred by the anti-state elements. Majority of state institutions are trying best to please terrorists and discourage elements defending the motherland.

This has encouraged BLA and other terrorists who are now targeting Pashtoons and the diplomats of friendly countries. This is the time when Army should leave barracks.

Pseudo-intellectuals are advocating negotiations with secular terrorists but they want merciless operation against jihadis in Fata which is hypocrisy.

If majority of institutions continued to treat traitors as VIPs on the behest of US, it will inflict great harm to Pakistan, warned Baig Raj.

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