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PEW slams FPCCI leadership for ignoring merit

Islamabad:The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Wednesday said leadership of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has been ignoring merit which is resulting in complaints and declining image of the Apex chamber.

A group of businessmen has taken over the FPCCI for completion of personal agenda which has created unrest among the business community, it said.Complaints against FPCCI leaders are piling up in the Commerce Ministry, Directorate General of Trade Organisations, and other forums but to no avail, said Abdullah Tariq, SVP of the Pakistan Economy Watch.He said that elections procedure in FPCCI should be revisited, there should a code of conduct and uneducated or semi educated people should not be allowed to lead delegations abroad to waste resources and make delegations a laughing-stock.
FPCCI’s policy of sending unelected leaders on foreign tours while ignoring the sitting officials and conspiracies against the other chambers is now being debated openly, he added.Similarly, appointing convicted or under investigation people against top slots has not served any purpose except strengthening the mafia within, he said.
Abdullah Tariq said that some top FPCCI officials have disregarded collective interest over personal petty gains to an extent where the Apex chamber is made to pay bills for the parties thrown to get business.

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