Wednesday , September 19 2018
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PTI condemned girls rape case

Lahore : Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf senior leader Shamsa Ali has condemned the inhuman attack on the young girl in Pakpattan.
“The reports printed in a segment of the paper are horrifying” said a statement issued from the media cell. “The crime against this young girl who was subjected to three days of being raped while pictures were taken to use as a means of blackmail, is sordid and despicable.
“The matter must be taken up by all activists and organizations that protect and fight for women’s rights and the safety of the girl must be ensured. The criminals must be brought to justice and exemplary punishment must be meted out so that such crimes are curbed.
“Violence against women is once again on the rise. While laws exist, it is in its implementation where the shortcomings exist. The collecting of evidence and protection program is sadly ineffective and we see the perpetrators are allowed to get away. This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed on an urgent basis.

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