Tuesday , December 10 2019
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Govt.still confronting judiciary:Aleem Khan

Lahore:Central Leader of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Abdul Aleem Khan has said that still Government was preparing to confront with the Judiciary and rather than writing letter to Swiss Courts and bring back the national exchequer, rulers were saving the single man who is sitting in the Presidency. He said that in the NRO Case so much time has already been wasted and now again delaying tactics were being opted.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that in every corner of the country writ of the government has been hijacked by the certain elements and innocent people were being slaughtered while the rulers were fetching their own aims and objectives. He said that new Prime Minister very well knows that al last he has to write letter otherwise he also has the same fate like Gillani. Abdul Aleem Khan said that to come out of this situation new general elections should be announced immediately and further delay would make situation more worse. He said that Tehrik-e-Insaaf under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan can lead the country on the right path.

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