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Government responsible for massive load shedding:Imran Khan

Lahore: Once again the government has gone back on promises to the nation during the holy month of Ramzan said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman Imran Khan.

The government had claimed they would control load shedding and rising prices during the holy month but they have been unable to do so. Load shedding has returned to haunt the people and the rising prices of essential commodities too has added to their misery. In fact, electricity, CNG and petroleum prices have all been raised during this month. The reason for this massive load shedding is corruption, poor governance, bad planning and the people have had to endure the consequent incompetence of these rulers.

The electricity problem is to some extent self created, said Imran Khan. He continued by saying that the circular debt could have been reduced had the present government changed from using furnace oil to coal which they did not. He added that a subsidy of over one trillion Rupees has been paid, electricity tariff has been doubled but no solutions have been found to the electricity crisis. In fact, said Khan, the energy crisis has been due to the present Prime Minister’s Rental Power scam to loot and plunder. It is because of corruption, said Imran, that any and every plan proposed by this government to solve the energy crisis has never been implemented
The Zardari as well as the PML-N leadership have one main purpose, according to Chairman PTI, and this is not to resolve the problem but to look for business opportunities. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf said Imran Khan identifies with the people of Pakistan. He said that should this electricity situation remain unresolved, the ruling elite should be ready to face the wrath of the people.

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