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Dr Shakil Afridi had no links with polio vaccination campaign

In several articles appeared in the local and international press concerning difficulties encountered in polio eradication in Pakista, it
is wrongly indicated that Dr Shakeel Afridi used polio vaccination to track down Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

These baseless information have damaged the on-going vaccination campaigns and WHO would like to confirm that Dr Afridi had absolutely no links with any polio vaccination campaign.

Alegedly Dr Afridi was inoculating hepatitis vaccine with syringes and was collecting blood samples in the neighborhood for genetical investigations.

WHO would like to clarify that not only Dr Afridi was NOT part of the Polio eradication programme but also that Polio vaccine is currently administrated with omly 2 drops in the mouth of every children below 5 years and thereofore does not allow collection of blood samples for any use.

The misinformation spread by this wrong news in have unfortunately raised doubts on real objectives of the polio eradication campaigns hampering the efforts of a dedicated Polio staff. The government health departments along with WHO, UNICEF and rotary international are trying their level best to clear the misconceptions and make people understanding that polio vaccination is crucial for their children well being.

Situation is gradually improving with the help of religious leaders and cleric who are playing an instrumental role in clearing the misconceptions about the polio vaccine and its impact on children’s health.

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