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Police busted 416 gangs during first six months:CCPO

Lahore police have busted 416 gangs arresting 1265 harden criminals during first six months of the current calendar year. A recovery of Rs 262.6 millions was made from them while over 21 thousand proclaimed offenders & court absconders were arrested during the period. As many as 2367 cases were traced which included 11 murders cases, 4 murder cum dacoity, 2 abduction for ransom, 80 dacoity, 1099 robbery, 922 theft & burglary and 249 miscellaneous cases.

The recovery of 262.6 millions rupees included 174 cars, 434 motorcycles, 27 wagons pickups rickshaws, 1111 mobile phones, 80 tola gold ornaments, 199.6 millions cash, prize bounds valuing Rs 45000 and other valuables.

As many as 12491 proclaimed offenders were arrested during the period who were involved in murder, attempted murder, dacoity, theft, robbery and other crimes besides arresting 9415 court absconders during the period.

Lahore police registered 2577 cases of illegal weapons arresting 2577 accused recovering 20 Kalashnikovs, one sten gun, 92 rifles, 147 guns, 2136 pistols, 92 revolvers, 11 carbines, two mousers, 30 daggers, 246 magazines and over 15 thousand rounds form them.

During action against drug sellers 4243 cases were registered arresting 4367 accused effecting a recovery of over 116 kg heroin, over 593 kg Chars, over 12 kg opium, 245 intoxicating injection, 121 intoxicating tablets and 24027 bottles of liquor from them.

During the first six months of the year 804 gambling cases were registered arresting 3274 gamblers from whose possession stake money of Rs 5.7 million was recovered.

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