Thursday , February 20 2020
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People across the country want to get rid of corrupt rulers: PTI Women Wing

Lahore:PTI Women Wing Central leader Mehnaz Rafi chaired an important meeting of PTI Women at party’s office in Lahore. PTI Women Wing leaders expressed deep concern on the state of affairs in the country and held the federal and provincial governments responsible for the situation. Speaking on the occasion Mehnaz Rafi, Munazza Hasan and Dr Nausheen Hamid Meraj said that people from all parts of the country are fed up and want to rid themselves of the corrupt rulers. Women Wing leaders Dr Seemi Bukhari, Sadiqa Apa, Talat Naqvi, Neelam Ashraf and others were also present in the meeting.

Women running households are facing insurmountable difficulties and the incumbent governments have done nothing for the betterment of women. The country stands on the brink of complete economic collapse due to massive corruption and incompetency. Unprecedented inflation has left people helpless and increase in petroleum prices prior to the Holy month of Ramadan will further exacerbate the situation. Moreover vendors across the country have increased prices of essential items to the extent where poor people are finding it impossible to make ends meet. Economy of the country has never been in such state which signifies that government has failed to provide any relief to people. Youth remains unemployed, worst electricity shortfall has effectively stalled economic growth and people have been forced to sell their children or commit suicides. Despite this corrupt rulers are adamant to complete their constitutional term in office. PPP government at Centre is enjoying unwavering support of the friendly opposition in face of PML-N, which in turn is reaping benefits through governing Punjab. Women Wing leaders stated that only Imran Khan and PTI can break this corrupt political partnership and lead the country out of such crises. They urged people to stand up for their rights and help PTI and Imran Khan in liberating Pakistan from such corrupt rulers.

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