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Riaz Pirzada should be ashamed of his anti-party statements: Akram Masih Gill

Lahore:Minister of State for National Harmony Akram Masih Gill has said that Riaz Hussain Pirzada should be ashamed of his anti-party statements.
In a statement issued here today, Akram Masih Gill said that while making an outburst against the party leadership Riaz Pirzada forgot that this is the same party which had always given him honour and status more than his due, made him the Chief Whip and also a Federal Minister despite his not deserving such high position.
Akram Masih Gill said that on not being given the ministry, Riaz Pirzada has lost his senses and issuing such anti-party statements. He said that we have so much material against him that he would no more be in a position to show his face to anyone.
The Minister of State said that Riaz Pirzada should not forget his worthwhile indulging in such irresponsible and deplorable statements.
He said that entire party knows very well that how keen he was to get a berth in the new cabinet and had used every tactic for this purpose. He said Riaz Pirzada was even after his Ministry and asked that if nothing else, he should at least be given the ministry of minorities affairs, which was also given to him earlier but even this was declined to him this time because he was not loyal and faithful to the party.
Akram Masih Gill further said that the colleagues had time and again pointed out Riaz Pirzada’s doubtful loyalties to the party but this was the greatness of the party leadership that all his such activities were always ignored and he was given opportunity repeatedly to reform himself.
He said that on being denied the ministry, the real innerself of Riaz Pirzada has now become known to all. He warned Riaz Pirzada that if he did not refrain from such deplorable activities than all his wrongs would be brought before the people at large.

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