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People will decide PPP fate in next general election:Nawaz Sharif

London:Nawaz Sharif says PPP and its coalition partners are responsible for chaotic situation in Pakistan.Addressing a press conference here at London, the Pakistan Muslim League-N President said democracy was being dealt a blow through chalking out contempt of court laws. He added that the law was made to hide corruption of mafia which has trapped motherland in its cruel clutches.He said that political activists are real assets of the party.

He said that on the one hand, Pakistan is a nuclear power but on the other hand gas and electricity are not properly available to run the wheel of agricultural and industrial sectors.Throwing light on pitiable economic situation in the country, he said that government had taken loans in four years equal to 50 years; the situation has become too pitiable and crucial that even a newly-born is borrower of world banks.He said, “PPP should not chalk out a law in haste only to protect a handful of people, adding it should sit across a table with us and other parties and prepare a law through collective wisdom.”

Commenting on NAB cases, Nawaz Sharif said the cases that NAB wanted to open had no strength.He said some people don t want to see Pakistan progressing and called upon the government allies to part ways with the present regime in view of the manner in which it is dealing with the Supreme Court.Recalling the days of his rule in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif said at that time there was no trace of the menace of terrorism in the country.”The Indian prime minister had come for reconciliation but at that time our government was dissolved,” he regretted, adding the people s government was uprooted and people s mandate was trampled.He said some people believe that PPP would win the next general elections but it is not going to happen .

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