Tuesday , July 17 2018
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Hamza Shahbaz locked Dr Rabia in wed

Lahore:The Chief Minister Punjab son Hamza shahbaz has wed locked with dr Rabia yesterday at last. Marriage ceremony was arranged in defense housing scheme Lahore that was attended by members of the both families. Dr Rabia belonged to an old Kashmiri family of Lahore, settled in US. Her parents came in Lahore just to attend the marriage ceremony from US few days back.
Mind it, summoned has been issued to Hamza Shahbaz to appear before the local court on 17th of July to clear his position regarding his second marriage with Dr Rabia on the petition of Ayesha Ahad. A lady who has claimed that she is the legal wife of Hamza Shahbaz and her husband cannot marry with Dr Rabia by law without her permission.

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