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DIG Amir Zulifqar mango diplomacy to become DIG Ops Lahore

Lahore:City police Officer Multan DIG Amir Zulifqar Khan has started lobbing to get posting in Lahore Police Administration. According to reliable sources DIG Amir Zulifqar Khan who had served as DIG Ops in Lahore, was desperately striving to again become operational police head in the provincial capital city.
Lahore Operational Police Public Relation Officer Nayab Haider who is supposed to be loyal ethically and professionally, to his immediate boss DIG Rai Tahir Ahmad, is working on the task to defame him for pleasing his previous Boss Amir Zulifqar Khan.
He had issued some Press Release to the media in which it was scribed that Lahore Police badly needed officer like Amir Zulifqar Khan to control the worst crime ratio. In these press releases some officers were also made fun.
Nayab Haider is considered CPO Multan close aide.He has been working to launch media campaign for Amir Zulifqar posting in Lahore and is quite busy in the different media houses these days. He has few successful meetings with some influential Journalists too. He has also given mango carton (patee) in the name of Multani gift from DIG Amir Zulifqar Khan to the Journalists who have assured him their full co-operation. His official vehicle being used for mango supply that was given to him for his official work.

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