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Newly appointed Drs are under threat

The Drs, who were appointed during YDA strike, have been facing life threat. According to reliable sources Police Authorities have received the information that the striking Drs were not pleased to them and they have given life threat to all those Drs who were appointed during their strike. Although YDA has called off their strike on the orders of Lahore High Court and assured to remain peaceful but even than some of striking Drs have given life threats to newly appointed Drs.”If you people want to live, leave the job and hospital “a group of striking Drs warning to newly appointed Dr in Services Hospital. The Hospital Administration has stopped the newly appointed Drs to work after receiving this information and have reported the matter to government of the Punjab.
Punjab Government has ordered the Inspector general of Police Haji Habib ur Rehman for necessary action and asked to provide security to all those Drs who believe to serve the ailing community.
The Striking Drs stance and attitude has hinted starting of new war in the public hospitals
Meanwhile a spokesman of police department has said that with a view to continuous threats to newly appointed doctors in the hospitals, jawans of special branch in plain clothes have been deputed in the hospitals for their protection. The spokesman further said that police jawans in plain clothes will continue to perform their duty in the hospitals for the safety of doctors in future as well. He further said that protection of doctors in the hospitals is the foremost duty of the police.

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