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Former US Attorney General, joined peace loving organizations

New York:Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General, joined with peace loving organizations and representatives of anti-war groups and members of the Pakistani Community at the Pakiza Restaurant (known as Little Pakistan) in Brooklyn, NY, to speak out about U.S. foreign policy and its negative impact on world peace.

Speakers criticized the Obama Administration’s expansion of using drones to wage a ‘new kind of war”. Mr. Atiq Saddiqui,[VP PUFF] noted that in the Bush era there was a drone attack every 34 days; now under Obama, the attacks are every fourth day. This cruel policy of dropping bombs in Pakistan, Yemen, the Middle East, Somalia and other African countries, where many innocent civilians die under their rain of terror must be opposed. Muzamal[ PTI]jion the voices for change of US foreign policy based on respect of international laws.

Dr. Mohammed Akram, a professor at Columbia University, spoke of the double standard that the U.S. has had in its relations with other countries, always talking of dialogue and negotiations, but not once sitting down to talk to the proud nation of Cuba, which has been under a U.S. embargo for nearly 50 years.

Mr. Comrade Shahid, Secretary General of Pakistan U.S.A. Freedom Fourm (pakusaff) noting that the U.S. is not practicing a foreign policy of dialogue, only the gun and drone policy. “We’re asking President Obama to change this harmful policy, end the wars, stop using drones, pay attention to home issues – stop deportations, legalize all immigrants, stop meddling in the affairs of other countries, such as Iran and Syria, release innocent political prisoners such as Sister Afia, Siddiqui and close Guantanamo Bay and give civilian trials.” End occupation of Palistine,Kasmir.

Dr. Mohammad Shafiq, president of Pakusaff,;Chair the meeting] thanked the public and the speakers for coming to the Pakistani community showing their love and solidarity for peace and justice.

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