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Drs remand extended

Lahore:Judicial Magistrate Naqeeb Shehzad has extended three-day physical remand of the four accused doctors who allegedly showed negligence while treating the patients including an infant causing his death.
Police produced Dr Matloob, Dr Usmanul Haq, Dr Tajammul Butt and Dr Adil before the court seeking ten days physical remand on the plea to arrest the rest of the three doctors and also to recover evidence and the CCTV footage showing the action that took place in the hospital. However, the judge granted three days physical remand directing the Investigation Officer (IO) to complete and produce them again on July 9.

Counsel for the accused Shahid Iqbal Babar implored the court not to grant remand saying the IO had failed to collect any evidence. He contended that section 302 of PPC did not fall in this matter which is ‘intent to kill’. He told the court that these doctors had no grudge against the patients and especially the child adding that the doctors were being humiliated by implicating them in fake case. He said that if section 302 falls in this matter then it should also apply to car accident cases where a driver crushes some one to death. He said that no autopsy report was collected by the IO so far.
Prosecution while assisting the court said that according to FIR the accused doctors not only removed the drip of the infant but also of other patients which is a crime.

Muhammad Afzal, father of the one and half year old deceased Fahad, had stated that his son died due to criminal negligence of the doctors. He said that doctors who were treating his son removed the drip and let him die just to join YDA strike.

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