Friday , June 22 2018
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PMA announces closure of the VIP treatment in the Public Hospitals

Lahore:Pakistan Medical Association Punjab has announced closure of the VIP treatment in the private wards of the Public Hospitals.

They also announced to have protests at press clubs at all districts of Punjab and a provincial convention of the association is also being called in which all associations of doctors and public will be invited.

The PMA also condemned the Bureaucracy for presenting false figures in media regarding the doctor’s salaries and reasons of strike. The doctors said that PMA had always played their role to resolve the issues but unfortunately this time the bureaucrats were failing all attempts to resolve all issues.

They said that the draft of the service structure had been made by PMA, YDA and MTA collectively and the responsibility of the strike lied with the provincial health department who instead of seriously negotiating on the issue were purely trying to mess up the whole things.

The doctors also said that the beauracracy had presented false figures regarding the financial impact of the demands of the doctors. They also condemned the character assassination campaign of the doctor’s community by the provincial health department and demanded for the early release of the arrested Drs.

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