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Is DG Rescue above the law ?

Lahore:Director general punjab emergency rescue 1122 violatining rules and regulations by permoting his in group (by his choiced officers )with out rules and regulations.

Althoug there is no rules and regulation and critaria regarding the permotion of officers in rescue 1122 since the regulization of the officers and even more than two years have been passed and the department has been run with out the proper rules, by the director general.

It is impartant to mention here that a brief list of the officers has been ready on the direction of the directior general so that they could be permoted on out turn promtion based rule befroe the expiry of the 2nd tenour of the director general which is going to be ended on 27th july, 2012.

Main banificary of the list who would enjoy the loyalty of directior general in right or wrong and now going to be promoted as deputy directors and directors with out being formulated the critaria and following the rules and regulations of the Governemnt of the punjab, includes: Mr. Mohsin durani,Mr Ali hassan, Ms.Ruquia bano javaid, Dr yahya but, Dr ali immam, Dr Khalid, Dr Arshad Zia and so many others from junior staff.

DG 1122 only promoting his loving staff because his tenor is going to be expire and Govt Punjab may not extend his tenor due to corruption in ambulance and other equipment bought through ahmad medix illegally which was already noticed by the transparency international.

Today the list of officers who have been granted the honorairum on their excellent performace has been released and signed by the DG 1122 but on the other hand many officers who also performed excellent through out the year, have been intentionaly and illegally ignored due to personal grudge by the head of rescue 1122 because the said officers did,t obey the director general while violating the rules of the service during process of percurement of costly equipments,vehicles and direction passed by DG 1122 during his occupied, illegall stay in PAKISTAN RED CRESENT SOCIETY durinng the current years.

Another example of discreminationg attitude of the DG 1122, is issuing show cause notices, baseless warning letters and planing to issue the unjustified transfer letters of the officers with in the shortest time before complition of his 2nd tenure.

The immage of rescue 1122 has been destorying and hampered by the head of 1122 just for the complition of his ulterior motives and CM punjab is bening requested to initiate a high level inquiry against DG 1122 so that the expolitation and victimization of the innocent and the honest officers of the service may be servived.

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