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Attempted changes in contempt of courtaact a conspiracy against Judiciary:Imran Khan

Lahore:Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has noticed with great concern the attempt by the ruling regime to change the contempt of court law. In a statement today, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan said this entire package sabotages rule of the law by trying to weaken judiciary. According to him, the problem for this ruling cabal has been to avoid accountability for their misdeeds in power. Towards this objective, a number of steps were taken. One, no effective accountability law was allowed to be passed in the parliament, two a sustained campaign was initiated to undermine the National Accountability Bureau and third, it was stuffed with handpicked nominees.

The only institution standing in front of the robber baron tactics of the Zardari regime, said Imran Khan, is the Judiciary particularly the Supreme Court. It has over the last four years consistently checked corrupt practices by the ruling party, their kith and kin. The most important decision that it took in this period was declaring the National Reconciliation Ordinance illegal. As the nation knows, said Imran, this decision was not implemented because the Prime Minister was mandated by his superiors and the party to protect the theft of billions of Rupees stolen by Asif Zardari. This led to his conviction under the contempt of court law, unseating as member and as a consequence having to leave the Prime Minister’s office.

The lessons that the ruling cabal learnt from this, according to Chairman PTI was to weaken the judiciary by mangling and making ineffective the contempt of court law. The provisions being contemplated clearly open the way for the national office holders and members of the legislatures to refuse to accept court decisions because they would face no penalty for doing so. In practical terms, said Imran, these changes in the contempt of court law would be used to protect the loot and plunder of the ruling elite.

It is sad, said Chairman PTI, that the people sitting in parliament are ready to go against the wishes of the people and allow the ruling elite feel comfortable in the plundering. And plundering from whom, the people of Pakistan. This is a betrayal, said Imran, that the nation will not forgive.

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