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Salary structure of Young Doctors

Lahore:A spokesman of Health Department Punjab has categorically contradicted the allegations leveled by Young Doctors Association regarding wrong figures of salaries and said that the Health Department has released the chart of average salaries of doctors. The spokesman said that a medical officer working in Health Facility in rural areas received Rs.12 thousand as health sector reforms allowance and Rs.15 thousand as health professional allowance in addition to his salary. Thus, a medical officer receives additional Rs.27 thousand and in this way the total salary of a medical officer exceeds to Rs.60 thousand.

The spokesman further said that a medical officer working in emergency ward of teaching hospitals receives a special allowance equal to 50% of the basic pay and in this way the total salary of a medical officer also exceeds to Rs.60 thousand. In addition, the doctors working in teaching hospitals also receive their monthly share in thousands from the income of the hospital.

The spokesman pointed out that medical officers performing duties in teaching hospitals of Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan receive additional pay of Rs.15 thousand to Rs.20 thousand under special package and their total salary comes to Rs.70 thousand. The spokesman made it clear that the total emoluments of a government servant are considered a total salary and deductions made from it are also part of the salary of an employee. The spokesman said that according to the AG office record the total salary of a medical officer of grade-17 comes to Rs.60 thousand to Rs.80 thousand. The spokesman said that there is no truth in the allegations leveled by YDA and these elements are making futile efforts to get sympathies of the people through wrong statements.

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