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Old Ravians appeal CM to save GCU

The appeal was made by the executive committee of the Old Ravians Union while reacting to a news that GCU historical Logia Gardens and only Girl’s Hostel to be leveled for terminals for the Rapid Mass Transit Bus Service. Old Ravians Union Secretary Advocate Mian Muhammad Cachhar said that GCU is a great institution that produced luminaries like Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, N.M Rashid, Patras Bokhari, Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam besides hundreds of literary figures, politicians, jurists, sportsmen and scientists, so it should not be ruined for a bus terminal. The union also said that GCU campus is a historical site, the witness of three centuries, and it should not be ruined just for a bus terminal which can be conveniently shifted to some other site including Nasir Bagh. The union said GCU has only one girl’s hostel where around 300 female students from Balochistan, Sindh, khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir and far-flung areas of Punjab are residing. “Should education of 300 female be comprised for a bus terminal only?” the union asked the Punjab government.
Moreover, the union executive body said that all eminent Old Ravians have great love for the loggia gardens where they have studied and spent best time of their life.
The Old Ravians Union executive committee requested the Punjab Chief Minister to intervene in the matter. They said that they highly appreciate Shahbaz Sharif’s steps for providing modern and convenient transport service to the citizens of Lahore, but I should not be done by ruining a historical seat of higher learning, so orders be issued for shifting the bus terminals to some other suitable sites.
The ORU executive committee believed that Sharif brothers have done so much for their alma mater and they would do anything which would harm their alma mater.

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