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CJ set example by bringing his son before the law:Nawaz Sharif

Murree:President Pakistan Muslim League (N) Nawaz Sharif has said that Chief Justice has set a new and praise-worthy example in the history of Pakistan’s judiciary by bringing his son before the law. He said that time has come to hold accountable all those who have been involved in corruption and recover the looted money for depositing it in the national exchequer.

He was addressing a function regarding distribution of cheques among the affectees of parking plaza Jhika Gali on behalf of Chief Minster Punjab in which he specially participated. Advisor to Chief Minister Raja Ashfaq Sarwar distributed the cheques.

Nawaz Sharif said that the life of the masses has become agonizing due to terrorism, price-hike and horrible loadshedding. He said that the present rulers have learnt no lesson from the past and pushed the country towards crises.he cannot remain a silent spectator over the destruction of national institutions and the existing situation of the country.

He said that motorway project was executed during the tenure of his government 14 years ago and it is still intact while the rulers are trying to get a loan of billions of rupees on the pretext of repair of motorway to meet the budget deficit. Similarly, he said, the budget for Murree Expressway was also approved during his tenure but it fell prey to the wrong policies of Musharraf regime and the whole Murree Expressway is crumbling. He said that he has the honour of executing a number of high standard projects for the beautification of Murree during his tenure as chief minister Punjab. The old road coming from Islamabad to Murree was constructed in 1986 and its high standard was highly appreciated, he added. He said that affectees of Jhika Gali Murree have been paid a compensation of Rs.12 crore instead of the promised amount of Rs.7 crore and every effort will be made for providing them alternative land within next few days. He said that despite being in the highest offices of the country, he has not received any plot while on the other hand, even the new entrants into politics who claim to be honest, received plots thorough furnishing wrong affidavit. He said that he has twice been prime minister of Pakistan but has not imported any duty free car thereby caused no loss to the national exchequer.

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