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Shahbaz listened the complaints at Tent Office

Lahore:Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif listened to the complaints of the people at Minar-e-Pakistan Tent Office and also issued on the spot orders in certain cases to redress their grievances. Member National Assembly Pervaiz Malik was also present on the occasion.

A woman from Changa Manga complained that her daughter had been abducted but the police did not investigate the case on proper lines and she has come to him for help. The Chief Minister assured the woman that justice will be provided to her. He issued instructions for transferring the investigation of the case and ordered that a report to be submitted to him within a week. A woman of Shadbagh along with her educated disabled daughter met the Chief Minister and informed him that her husband had died and she borne the expenses on the education of her daughter by mortgaging her house. She said that she has no source of income therefore her daughter should be given job while financial assistance should also be provided to her for getting back her house. The Chief Minister directed that job should be given to the daughter of the woman from Bank of Punjab’s quota for disabled persons while payment for recovering her mortgaged house should also be made. Another woman along with her young daughter met the Chief Minister and informed him that her husband was a mechanical engineer and he took her to Italy after marriage but then sent her back on the ruse of illness of her mother and also divorced her. She said that her step-father has refused to give her shelter. The woman appealed to the Chief Minister that arrangements be made for sending her and her young daughter to Italy. The Chief Minister directed that the woman should be sent to Italy and the expenses for this purpose should be paid.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that no society can progress without justice. He said that police should check the oppressors while help the aggrieved. He said that the complainants visiting police stations should be treated with respect and honour. He said that if the police resolve the problems of the people at local level they will not have to take the trouble of coming to him.

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