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Doctors are the most under paid professionals :YDA

Lahore:Pakistani Doctors are the most under paid professionals in the country and the salaries of doctors in Pakistan are less then the doctors of all neighboring countries. Punjab govt. has kept 17 billion rupees in the current budget to build new hospitals and medical colleges in the province without keeping a single penny for the doctor’s service structure and special salary package in the budget. Probably the Govt. planed to run these hospitals without doctors. There was not even a single vascular surgeon, rheumatologist, ICU specialists in the whole of Punjab but the govt. was not ready to accept their fault. 2000 doctors had left the country in search of better salary package last year and there was acute shortage of doctors in the province.

YDA Pakistan’s office bearers have expressed a grave concern on the fact that the Punjab govt. was wrongly projecting in the media that doctors in the province were the most paid among the govt. servants. They said that the government had allocated 17 billion to made new hospitals but was not ready to give the doctors 6 billion rupees required to fulfill their demands. They said that 760 million was required to raise the stipend of 5000 house officers and post graduate trainees and 860 millions were required to raise the grade of all doctors. The rest was required to raise the HPA and NPA.

They demanded of the Chief Minister Punjab to fulfill the genuine demands of the doctors to settle down the unrest in the doctor’s community.

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