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Women MNAs demand punishment for Sh. Allauddin under harassment of women law

Lahore:Women MNAs Dr Attiya Inayatullah and Begum Bushra Rahman and Pakistan Muslim League Women Wing Central President Begum Farrukh Khan have strongly condemned and protested against unconstitutional, immoral and uncivilized attitude of Shaikh Allauddin MPA with women members during the Punjab Assembly session.
In their separate statements, they have said that by using dirty, derogatory and bizarre language against honourable members of the House, he has only proved his lowliness. They said that those who change their political loyalties and have no moral norms deserve to be condemned in strongest possible words.
They said that under the law for harassment to women at the work place, case should be registered against him and proceeded against immediately. The law provided three years imprisonment and Rs 0.5 million fine for causing harassment to women at the working place.
They have asked Speaker of the Punjab Assembly not to allow him to enter the Provincial Assembly till he tenders unconditional apology to all women in order to restrain him from indulging in such objectionable activities again. They said that time has come to end the “goonda raj” of the Punjab Government inside and outside the Provincial Assembly.

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