Monday , July 16 2018
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HRCP calls for help to Pakistanis held in Malaysia

Lahore: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take immediate steps to extend help to the three Pakistanis being detained in Malaysia under the Internal Security Act. HRCP was informed about these detainees by Mr James Nayagam, a commissioner with the Malaysian Human Rights Commission. He had found the three Pakistanis in the Malaysian internal security detention centre. According to him the Pakistanis are accused of falsifying documents and trafficking of persons which, Mr Nayagam believes, “is not a national threat”. He therefore thinks the Pakistanis are being wrongly held under Malaysia’s Internal Security Act.

In a communication to the Secretary Foreign Affairs, HRCP has said that the matter requires the immediate attention of the Foreign office. The Pakistan mission in Kuala Lumpur should be asked to contact the Pakistani detainees and ensure that they are not denied their legal rights.

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