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Woman work’s rights to be proteced:Haji Ehsan

Lahore:Provincial Minister for Labour Haji Ehsaan-ud-Din Qureshi has directed the field labour officers to ensure the implementation of labour laws especially for the protection of female work’s rights and no one should be influenced by anybody in this regard. He said that the timely payment of minimum wages i.e. Rs. 9000/- per month, from 1st July, by the employers, would be ensured. He said that provision of safe atmosphere at working places of women, elimination of gender discrimination for the provision of facilities and working rights, maternity leave, pension & old age benefits, social security rights and provision of educational as well as marriage grant to the female workers have been protected.

While talking to various women workers delegations regarding Women’s Day, Haji Ehsaan-ud-Din Qureshi issued instructions to the departmental officers to adopt measures to prevent and combat child labour as well as to protect bonded female labour and to protect their family rights. He said that Punjab government is implementing various projects for providing modern education to labourer’s children and residential facilities to them. In order to establish peaceful society and economic prosperity, it is necessary to eliminate the child labour and provide modern education to the children of all segments of society so that the young generation should become the useful citizens of the society, he concluded.

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