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People’s protest against painful loadshedding is their legitimate right:Rana Sana

Lahore:Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah has said the corrupt leadership of PPP ought to realize that real responsibility of ongoing protests against loadshedding lies with the federal government as no ban can be imposed upon the reaction of the masses over unjustified and painful loadshedding. He said that the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is not responsible for the people’s reaction at all.

Commenting upon the statement of Raja Riaz, Rana Sanaullah said that people have been left with no choice except to lodge their protest against loadshedding in the hot weather as incapable federal government has made no serious effort for elimination of loadshedding during the last four years. The Law Minister said that those who have set records of corruption and looting national resources have no realization of problems being faced by the masses.

Meanwhile, commenting upon the statement of Ch. Shujaat Hussain, Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said that Ch. Shujaat Hussain, instead of being the spokesman of the federal government, ought to keep public sentiments in view. He said that people’s protest against painful loadshedding is their legitimate right. The Minister reminded that the Punjab government has always appealed to the people to remain peaceful during the protests and Chief Minister has appealed to the citizens in every nook and corner of the province to desist from vandalism and violence during their protest against the most painful loadshedding they are facing.

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