Thursday , December 8 2016
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Hospitals should be exempted from load shedding:PMTA

Lahore:Punjab Medical Teachers Association has demanded that Hospitals should be exempted from load shedding.
In an Emergent Press Conference regarding Load shedding in Hospitals President MTA Punjab Dr. Azim Jahangir, General Secretary
Dr. Tehseen Riaz & , Dr. Hamid Awan said that due to this critical situation
Even Emergency Operations are difficult to be carried out. All routine lists of patients have to be cancelled every day.
They said Lives of the Patients of Intensive Care Unit are in danger only because of load shedding. Patients in the critical care unit are also vulnerable to death.
Costly Electro Medical Equipment is also in danger due to tripping due to tripping of the electricity.
Drs requested the Government that uninterrupted power supply should be ensured in Hospitals.

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