Sunday , February 24 2019
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Altaf Hussain Talks to President Zardari

London: MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain has talked to President Asif Ali Zardari on telephone and discussed post Yousaf Raza Gillani disqualification political situation and vowed to continue their support for sustainable democratic system in the country. Altaf Hussain admired the Government for respecting the Supreme Court verdict and said it is wise decision to avoid retaliation as it would be very much important for democracy in Pakistan.
He said MQM and PPP alliance is for the democracy and it will go as longer as it could be possible. The alliance of both Parties is not only in the interest of Sindh but also for the Country.
The President thanked the Altaf Hussain for his shake less support and said PPP and MQM alliance is not for political benefit but for the next generation’s interest. The people who are trying to split ,would be failed in their mission.

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