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Shahbaz Sharif is responsible for loadshedding:Ch Shujaat

Lahore:Pakistan Muslim League President Senator Ch. Shujat Hussain has described electricity load-shedding as the main cause for worsening of circumstances and said that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is responsible of prevailing grave situation and increased load-shedding because he has not endorsed his formula for ending load-shedding forthwith.
In a statement issued here today, Ch. Shujat Hussain said that had the Punjab Chief Minister endorsed and accepted the formula given by Pakistan Muslim League like other provinces and not opposed it then such grave load-shedding would not have prevailed not only in Punjab but also all over the country today and its duration would not been more than two hours for next four months.
He said that according to our formula, if every province would not have claimed the excess share in the NFC Award out of the divisible pool of resources for three months then the problem of load-shedding would have been easily resolved. He said this would not have affected the budgets of the provinces.
Continuing Ch. Shujat Hussain said that when the Chief Minister of a province comes out on roads in support of rallies and protests against the Federal Govt. then miscreants and disruptionists also came out. He said that for losses these elements cause to public and private properties, the Chief Minister himself is also responsible for that.
He said that instead of taking some special measures for reducing electricity load-shedding, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif by coming out on roads for political scoring had shown the way to miscreant elements because of which even homes and offices of political workers are not safe in Punjab today.
He said that we strongly condemn attacks on Pakistan Muslim League members houses and offices. He said that if Punjab Chief Minister is a patriot then he should endorse and accept formula presented by him so that the nation should get rid of menace of grave electricity load-shedding.

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