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Loadshedding has made life miserable:Hamza Shahbaz

Lahore:Muslim League-N leader Hamza Shahba has said that Federal Government should eliminate corruption and loadshedding he was addressing a large public gathering at Nila Gunbad.President Muslim League-N lahore Malik Pervaiz,General Secretary Kh. Imran Nazeer,Mian Marghoob Ahmad and others also gave a speech.

Hamza Shahbaz said that protests of people on long loadsheddingis justified as the loadshedding of 20 hours in a day has made the lives of the people miserable while factories have been closed. He said that due to the wrong polices of the corrupt rulers, the poor people of the country are unable to earn their livelihood. He said that people have no other option except to protest. PML-N leadership has repeatedly appealed to the people to remain peaceful and during the protest should not damage the private and public property.

He said that despite of severe public protest, Zardari gang is doing worst loadshedding in Punjab just to take revenge from the PML-N government. He said that despite public protest against corruption and loadshedding, federal government is not taking any step in this regard which is a proof of the fact that the federal government has no interest in resolution of people’s problems and the rulers are engaged in making money round-the-clock.

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