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PML-Q Women MPA’s Continue flattering Ch Pervaiz

Zobia Rabab Malik

Lahore:Taking part in the general discussion on Punjab Budget 2012-13 in the Provincial Assembly here today, Pakistan Muslim League MPAs Amna Ulfat, Syeda Majida Zaidi, Zobia Rabab Malik and Ch Tahiq Iqbal have strongly criticized the budget and said that Ch Parvez Elahi was the only Chief Minister in the history of the Punjab who gave the vision of “our water, our electricity”.

They said that contrary to this, the present anti-people Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has not only closed welfare projects launched during our tenure but also capped the power generation projects thus plunging the people of the province in general and industry sector in particular into darkness of load shedding.

Ms Amna Ulfat said if education was among the priorities of the present rulers of the Punjab then instead of distributing lap tops as a bribe, basic missing facilities would have been provided in thousands of government schools in the province where only children of the poor, labourers, workers and clerks study. She said that 42 colleges established during the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi are non-functional and locked adding that the present Chief Minister has gone to such an extent in enmity of the former Chief Minister that he has shut the doors of education on the children of the poor.

She said that “Khadam-e-A’ala” by closing down projects like Quran Board and Seerat Academy has spoiled this world as well as the world hereinafter.

Tahir Iqbal Chaudhry said that in the new provincial budget of the present rulers, rural areas have been ignored as was done previously. He asked if the performance of the Punjab Government is satisfactory then why the Chief Minister is afraid of holding of the local bodies election.

Taking part in the general discussion, Syeda Majida Zaidi said that in the name of austerity, the Chief Minister is making a wrong statement as he is not spending 25 per cent less but rather more than the allocated funds. She said following in the footsteps of the Chief Minister, the bureaucracy of the province had also spent Rs 33 billion more.

She demanded that the “killer of people” Chief Minister should give cashable cheques to the affectees of dengue fever and PIC and give representation to women in the Cabinet instead of merely talking about billions of rupees provided for welfare of women.
Continuing, Syeda Majida Zaidi said that head of the ruling party PML (N) is not a member of the Punjab Assembly or any other legislature as such then in what capacity he is utilizing the public money of the province and inaugurating various projects.

Ms Zobia Rabab Malik said that 75 per cent children in the province are studying in such government schools where even basic facilities are not available. She said that allocation for power generation projects in the budget is only an eyewash. She said that the present provincial rulers lack vision and if the Punjab Government want then power could be generated even from solid waste.

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