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Development projects are also being plagiarized:PML-Q

Humaira Shahid

Lahore:Pakistan Muslim League women MPAs while taking part in the general discussion on Punjab Budget 2012-13 in the Provincial Assembly here today have termed it as an anti-people document and lashed out and criticized its various provisions. Ms Seemal Kamran while terming the Finance Minister as the Finance Minister on deputation said that Rapid Bus project is the copy of Ch Parvez Elahi’s Mass Transit project. She said that we have been hearing a lot about plagiarized versions of films and now plagiarism in development projects is also at its peak. She said that the so-called Khadam-e- A’ala, who is talking a lot about Information Technology, should tell if her leader Ch Parvez Elahi had not got the I.T. Tower constructed then what he would have named after Arfa Karim who had made the nation proud of her?

She termed the Punjab Chief Minister as enemy of foot paths and green belts and said that he is running “Pinjaro Bus” on Ferozepur Road in Lahore for which hundreds of families are being deprived of their properties and business. She said so far Rs 31 billion have been allocated for “Pinjaro Bus” whereas with such huge amount, good transport facilities could be provided in 31 districts of the province.
She said that there is nothing in the Punjab Budget except the short stories of Ashiana and uncalled for criticism of the Federal Government. She said the present Chief Minister is only getting the plaques of the development projects initiated during our tenure adding that he would be known in the history as “the plaques Chief Minister”. Continuing, Ms Seemal Kamran said that huge foreign investment which was coming to the province through important development projects initiated by Ch Parvez Elahi like Mubarak Centre, Sports City and Mass Transit Train by closing down these projects thus causing huge loss to the province and its people.
In the context of claim of Malik Riaz Hussain of providing Rs 85 crore for Ashiana Housing Scheme, she said where Rs 12 lakhs being taken from the people for houses in the scheme are going if money, machinery have been provided by others and land is owned by the government?
Ms Humaira Owais Shahid while taking part in the general discussion said that farming community has been totally ignored in the new provincial budget. She said only 43 per cent utilization of funds allocated for funding of the Annual Development Programme is a sad reflection on the poor performance and failure of the Provincial Government.
She said that the Punjab Government is protecting the interest system adding that if interest system is not discarded then the economy will never be able to stand on its own feet. She was critical of bureaucracy and said that the present bureaucracy of Punjab do not want to work because it has no capacity to work. She regretfully stated that instead of farmers and labourers, middle men and arhties are being protected in Punjab.

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