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PTI will always stand with independent judiciary:Imran Khan

Imran Khan talking to media at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore

Lahore: Tehreek e Insaf’s Chairman Imran Khan said that PTI will always stand with the country’s independent judiciary. He said that the allegations levelled against the Chief Justice are actually a means to paralyze the superior judiciary of the country,he was talking talking to media at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal Airport before leaving for Peris.
Imran Khan Saidt he target is not just the Chief Justice but the entire Supreme Court.

Referring to Riaz Behria,Khan said that he has turned Pakistan into an auction house by allegedly buying politicians, Generals, journalists and bureaucrats. Mr Khan demanded that Riaz reveal the names of the people he claims to have bought and they be held accountable too.

He further said whereas all other political parties had benefitted from the largess provided by Malik Riaz, PTI was the only party that has not received any funding from him. A politician from Pindi who is in the habit of lying has been propagating that PTIs Pindi Jalsa was financed by Riaz Behria. This is blatant lie and there is no truth in all these politically motivated and patently wild allegations.

In reply to a question regarding the memo case, Khan said that President Asif Ali Zardari was to blame for the memorandum because he appointed Husain Haqqani as ambassador. Imran Khan also said that Sharif brothers are actually the real supporters of Zardari as they keep bailing him out when he is in trouble. The excuse they give is that they want to save the system while actually they are secretly hand in glove with each other. He sent a message to the Sharif brothers saying “I want to tell those sitting in Raiwand that there will be no Martial Law nor will the Army be called in.”

Imran Khan added that the solution to the country’s problems was free and fair elections which could not be held in the presence of President Zardari.

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