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15 Foreign Ministers participate at Heart of Asia Conference in Kabul

Kabul:The conference at foreign ministerial level from the 15 countries “Heart of Asia” and the other Supporters countries including international Organization has started on the future of Afghanistan.

Foreign Ministers and representatives from 30 countries and organization including USA, Pakistan , India, China , Russia and Turkey participated in the conference.

Senior Afghan diplomat at the embassy in Islamabad, Rahim Ullah Qatra , said the war against terrorism, shifting security responsibilities to Afghan forces, development of trade and investment, anti-narcotics strategy, strengthening regional ties and removing the apprehensions were on the agenda of the conference.

Afghanistan reassures the neighboring countries that its territory will never be used against any country.

“In May 2011 Mr Mohammed Umer Daudzai, appointed as ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan, he played very positive role for the removing misunderstanding and strengthening relation between Afghanistan and Pakistan. and We believe Pakistan can play important role in Kabul conference especially regarding transit trade and security and strengthening regional ties he added. .

Last Foreign ministers Heart of Asia conference on the future of Afghanistan was held at Istanbul in November 2011.

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