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We can help the Americans extricate ,IK assures Hague

Islamabad:Chairman PTI Imran Khan along with his delegation met with British Foreign Secretary William Hague.Chairman Khan inquired about the specific purpose of the Hague visit at this particular time and reiterated his Party’s opposition to aid that is given to generally for fiscal budgetary support.
Khan explained what his Party would do in the first 100 days after coming to power. He emphasised the need for good governance which means depoliticisation of state institutions, bureaucracy and police. Alongside he declared his support for devolution – giving power to people at grassroots level.

Imran Khan explained how if governance was reestablished, the country would progress with an enabling environment to encourage the vibrant civil society and overseas Pakistanis.
He also gave his Party’s opposition to the US “war on terror”. He said his Party has always advocated a political solution to the problem of terrorism and militancy.

He stated that his first move would be to have a ceasefire and convince the US that a credible government in Pakistan would stop the militancy in the tribal areas. As he restressed, a military operation in FATA was madness. It was time to give peace a chance through dialogue with the tribal people. “We can win this war in 90 days but not through the army – every military operation by Pakistan army against its own people has ended in failure. We can help the Americans extricate themselves from their mess in this region.” Khan tried to explain the psyche of the tribal people to the British Foreign Secretary including the inbuilt notion of revenge. “Unfortunately the US approach is being driven by Generals,” Khan said and expressed the view that there was little clarity at the Pentagon!
Hague agreed that there was recognition that there has to be reconciliation in Afghanistan, even amongst the Americans. But “there are some people like Al Qaeda who are not reconcilable!”

Khan explained why the apology for Salala was critical and concluded by saying that the present US policy of drones was absurd and senseless.

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