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Ulema should create tolerance among the masses :Haji Ehsan

Lahore:Punjab Minister for Auqaf and Religious Affairs, Haji Ehsanuddin Qureshi has said that ulema and mashaikh should create tolerance among the masses by promoting teachings of Islam and Sufies in the society. He said that present government is paying special attention to create brotherhood among inter-religion and among the various sects of the Muslims.

He said that Islam is a universal religion, complete code of life and a source of welfare of humanity. She said that due to Islamic teachings, there is no classification among Muslim on linguistic, ethnic, regional and geographical basis. He emphasized upon Ulema to promote the spirit of tolerance and religious accommodation and play their due role for the establishment of a society based on interreligious tolerance, harmony and social equality.

He expressed these views at a religious conference organized by Institute Taqreeb ul Almazahib Islami at hotel awari here today. Religious scholars of various sects from various parts of country and Iran participated the conference.

Haji Ehsanuddin Qureshi said that Uswa-e-Hasna and love for the Holy Prophet and Ehle-e-Bait is a source of success and salvation for the human beings of every era. He said that peace can be established in the world only by eliminating extremism and violence and following the teachings of the Holy Prophet and Uswa-e-Hasna. He said that present government is providing necessary funds for the renovation of the mazars of sufi saints and proper facilities for the devotees

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