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Khusro Pervaiz son confessed his crime

Lahore: Additional Federal Secretary Khusro Pervaiz son Shan Khusro has confessed that he had murdered his friend Hamza over personal grudge.
Dsp Burki Police Circle Atique Sindhu has verified the arrest of Shan Khusro and told that Shan was being interrogated for the murder of his friend and during interrogation neither he could answered the questions of the Police nor could satisfied them. When Police showed him CCTV cameras footage then he admitted his crime
The victim Hamza Elahi was the son of Sheikh Fazal Elahi who was the president of the Anjuman-e-Tajiran Shah Alam Market. His body was found from Defence Phase-VI on June 2.
Police said that Hamza, an O-Level student of Lahore Grammar School Johar Town, was lying dead alongside the road with a bullet hole in his head as the investigators rushed to the crime scene.
The family told the police that Hamza along with his friend Shan Khusro left his GOR-1 residence on his car on Saturday afternoon. Further investigation is underway

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