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CM says Budget is people friendly:Opposition rejects the claim

Lahore:Shahbaz Sharif has said that Punjab government has presented an excellent, balanced and people-friendly budget for the next financial year which also includes projects for the progress of the people and raising their living standard. He said that Punjab government has given a comprehensive development policy for the next year and its implementation will usher in a new era of progress and prosperity in the province.

He was talking to media-men in Punjab Assembly today. Shahbaz Sharif said that a welfare budget has been given for the new financial year in which no burden has been put on the common man while solid measures have been taken for the provision of facilities to the poor. He said that a record development programme of Rs.250 billion has been evolved for the next fiscal year and substantial funds have been allocated for the uplift of less-developed areas. He said that solid measures have been proposed for women development and provision of job opportunities to the youth. He said that such projects will be initiated as could benefit the downtrodden masses. He said that projects aimed at providing relief to the common man such as Aashiyana, educational fund, interest-free loan for the unemployed youth and Daanish Schools will be continued and substantial funds have been allocated for such welfare projects.

Mean while Opposition parties in Punjab have rejected the provincial budget and declared it public enemy budget that has nothing for comman man.peoles party declared it a Bureaucratic production and alleged the government was running by Bureaucracy .The largest province has no finance minister that’s why Bureaucracy made this budget.Baboos never permit comman man to enter into their offices how could they made peoples friendly.Muslim Leaque -Q said how could a deficit budget a public friendly. All Paksistan Muslim League spokes person Aasia Ishaq said the people who were not among people how could they care lay-man interest.

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