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I am not afraid of scorching heat:CM


Bahawalpur:Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that his decision to set up tent office is in line with his track record and his detractors know that Shahbaz Sharif was with the people also during floods and dengue and not sitting in his office comfortably. He said that he is not afraid of scorching heat as the shadow of Minar-e-Pakistan is enough for him.

He was talking to media men at his tent office in Bahawalpur today. The Chief Minister said that he will continue to protest with the people until a uniform policy on loadshedding is adopted all over the country. He said that talking about peoples’ rights and problems in air-conditioned offices is a joke with them. He said that if the federal government did not realize the situation, everything will be swept away in the anger and resentment of the masses and even rulers will not be spared. He said that development and welfare work carried out in Bahawalpur during the last four years is unprecedented in the history of the country and the facilities given by the provincial government to the people of south Punjab are unparalleled. He announced that air-conditioned bus service will be launched in Bahawalpur for providing modern transport facilities to the people. He said that a highly unjust attitude is being shown to Punjab regarding loadshedding and his party has decided to continue protest till this discriminatory attitude is done away with. He said that he will sit in his tent office at Minar-e-Pakistan while his ministers and advisors will perform their official responsibilities in tents in front of their offices. He said that criticism of his political opponents is ridiculous as his efforts are a part of his public service record. He said that a meeting of the provincial cabinet was held at Minar-e-Pakistan for the first time in the country’s history. He said that in most of the houses of the country, there is no water or electricity, the industrial sector has been devastated, agri lands have become barren while a huge loss of 400 billion rupees has been caused to provincial economy during one year. He said the rulers are not realizing that people are restless and distraught. He said that corruption of billions of rupees has been committed in the payment to oil and power generation companies while billions of rupees have been looted through overcharging of fertilizers. He said that the protest will continue till Zardari’s deposits of 60 million dollars in Swiss banks are brought back to the country. He said that provinces have not been given powers of generation of electricity under 18th Amendment. He said that provincial government evolved a project of power generation through bagasse but it was not approved by the federal government.

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