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Electricity scam unearth at KEMU

Dr Salman Kazmi

Lahore:Young Doctors have unearthed a huge scandal of over billing in electricity bills at KEMU and said that the electricity bill of April, 2012 of KEMU was 01 Crore and 65 Lac while that of Mayo hospital was 01 Crore and 60 thousands rupees. The bill of KEMU is 65 Lac rupees more than that of Mayo hospital for April 2012. And this extra burden is being placed on the pockets of the innocent students of the university. According to the report of YDA, there are 26 electricity meters in total at KEMU, out of which 5 are non functional since long and an estimated bill is being designated to them every month. The KEMU admin block, that has 30 fans and 4 ACs, that work 8am to 2pm has a monthly bill of 29 Lac Rupees. The girl’s hostel whose meter has been stolen 2 years back, has an estimated bill of 24 Lac. And the boy’s hostel has the bill of 42 Lac. While the university campus has a collective bill of 67 Lac rupees.

YDA office bearers bearers Dr. Rana Sohail, Dr. Salman Kazmi, Dr. Talha Sherwani, Dr. Ghulam Qasim, Dr. Murtaza Bloch, Dr. Muhammad Khawar Khan, Dr. Shahid Dreshik, Dr. Waqas Gondal, Dr. Shehzad, Dr. Asim, Dr. Shams, Dr. Muhammad Azhar and Dr. Muhammad Amjad have further said that there is a huge electricity over billing going on from KEMU, and LESCO administration is involved in it which is putting fake electricity units and a bill of millions of rupees on the university head to cover their deficit, from the public exchequer. YDA has submitted an application to FIA for investigation and appealed to the DG FIA and Chairman LESCO to constitute a probe committee to investigate into the matter. And take strict action against those involved. Young doctors said that we shall not allow anyone to exploit the poor doctors & innocent students in this matter.

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