Monday , June 25 2018
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Rehman Malik is no more Interior Minister


Rehman Malik

Supreme Court of Pakistan has suspended the membership of minister interior rehman Malik on the charge of dual nationality. In its brief decision the Supreme Court declared that at the time of contesting senate election rehman Malik was British National and was not eligible to contest election.
The court said that minister of interior was asked to produce evidence and the certificate of surrendering citizenship but he failed to do so rather he told lie to the court that he already had quit the Briton nationality.
Supreme Court has already suspended the membership of ex Pakistani ambassador in America Hussain Haqqani wife Farah Isfahani from the National Assembly and also summoned the other members of parliament who have dual nationality.
After supreme court‘s orders Rehman Malik was not remained interior minister. Government has decided to make him advisor for interior ministry

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